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Chronic neck pain can interfere with your ability to work and stay active. At Neurosurgical Specialists of West County in St. Louis, you can receive on-site diagnostic testing to quickly and accurately identify the source of your chronic neck pain. The team of experienced neurosurgeons also provides a range of treatment options, including spinal surgery, to resolve pain and increase the range of motion in your neck. Find out more about customized treatments for your chronic neck pain by calling the office today.

Neck Pain Q & A

What causes neck pain?

Neck pain can result from a number of factors, such as sore muscles or poor posture. More serious conditions that may trigger chronic neck pain may involve your cervical spine.

As you get older, your joints can wear down and rub together, which can result in ongoing pain. You may also have neck pain from underlying degenerative conditions, like osteoarthritis.

Neck pain can also originate from the discs between your vertebrae that act like shock absorbers in the spine. These discs can wear out over time or due to injury, forcing the soft disc center through the tough, outer exterior. The center can press on nearby nerves in the cervical spine, causing persistent neck pain and limited mobility.

How is neck pain diagnosed?

If your neck pain is chronic and interferes with your job and usual activities, it’s important to seek a prompt evaluation to prevent a worsening of your pain and long-term damage to your neck.

The neurosurgeons at Neurosurgical Specialists of West County perform a thorough evaluation and discuss your health history. You can expect a physical exam to assess any associated findings. 

If your doctor suspects a herniated disc, nerve compression, or degeneration of your cervical vertebrae, they can order imaging tests, including MRI, CT scan, and/or X-rays, to get a better look at your inner structures.

What treatments are available for neck pain?

Initially, your Neurosurgical Specialists of West County physician may recommend conservative treatments to ease neck pain, such as physical therapy, medications, and rest. If you have a herniated disc or other damage to your cervical spine, you may need surgery.

A common type of surgery for herniated or damaged discs is a cervical discectomy. This procedure involves the removal of the damaged disc.

Not all neck pain needs to be treated surgically. Using a combination of symptoms, examining findings, and imaging evaluation, your NSWC surgeon will come up with a treatment plan best suited for you. 

Don’t ignore chronic neck pain. Schedule a comprehensive evaluation of your neck pain by calling the office.